As society continues to reopen, we are out of home more than ever, enjoying the delights of our cities and towns once more. Mobility statistics are approaching or surpassing pre-pandemic levels and in recent months many advertisers are embracing OOH and grabbing opportunities to stand out from the crowd.

According to Apple mobility data, in the past four weeks, average mobility in Ireland is now 40% above pre-pandemic levels, and in particular fuelled by increased vehicular activity. The latest CSO Transport Bulletin reports similar upward trends with Dublin car traffic volumes now at 90% of August 2019 levels.

Ireland's economy is also surging ahead as it’s reported to be on course for double digit growth for 2021, buoyed by high levels of consumer spending. Revolut, the digital payments group, reports that consumer spending is now higher than it was pre-pandemic with the Central Bank of Ireland suggesting that Irish consumers would spend about half of the surplus €15bn saved during the pandemic as restrictions eased.

With consumers ready to spend and audiences on the rise, OOH messaging is well placed to make an impact on people in a shopping frame of mind. In fact, 49% of Irish consumers have engaged with brands after seeing an OOH campaign. There has never been a better time for brands to stand out from the crowd.

We are already seeing signals from advertisers of their increasing confidence in OOH. They are using the medium to maximise reach and make their brands unmissable. OOH innovation is a unique way to capture attention and showcase the power of the medium. This can come in the form of special builds, lighting, printing techniques or even just by turning the poster upside down! The most effective Out of Home specials are the ones that fit the message of the campaign and make you look twice. The really successful ones achieve that and also make you smile - something that we all appreciate in the public space these days. Additionally, the flexible nature of Digital Out of Home enables brands to run dynamic content - relevant, contextual messaging that increases the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Recently we have seen some excellent examples of brands doing just that, using the OOH canvas in increasingly creative ways…
As we move into the final quarter of 2021 we have so much to look forward to. Major sporting events and festivals will be back, along with seasonal favourites like Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas, a key time for consumer spending. Brands have an incredible opportunity to reconnect with OOH audiences who are reengaging with much-loved leisure and social activities.
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