The campaign ran on various JCDecaux formats including 48 sheets, 96 sheets, Platinum squares and our giant 240 sheet in Ranelagh, in addition to widespread exposure across our roadside digital network of Digishelters. On the Digishelters, Bank of Ireland utilised dynamic content and scheduling to promote financial wellbeing in a more targeted and relevant way.

The campaign, featuring Emmy Award-winning TV and radio broadcaster personality Baz Ashmawy, is aimed at tackling the taboos that surround talking about personal finances. The campaign puts a different spin on the tender subject of saying the ‘F Word’ or, as some people like to call it, finances.

According to Laura Lynch, Interim CMO, Bank of Ireland: “This campaign is designed to be provocative and to challenge the misconception that we cannot talk about our finances openly. We have to tackle the issue head on and get people comfortable using the F-Word more! Finance still remains one of the biggest social taboo subjects alongside sex, religion and death. The more we talk about finance, the more control and confidence we’ll have when it comes to managing our money and our financial wellbeing throughout life.”

You can take a financial wellbeing health check on Bank of Ireland’s website:

The campaign was booked with JCDecaux by media agency Carat and outdoor specialist PML.

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