48 Sheet Billboards

The classic billboard never goes out of fashion and JCDecaux's billboards have the highest illumination levels in the market. Many of our 48 sheets have been converted to High Definition (HD) sites which means they are posted in one piece of lightweight printed material which is 100% recyclable, providing environmental benefits and increased efficiency in terms of posting and site maintenance. HD posting also results in a much higher quality display for your brand.

96 Sheet Billboards

96 sheet billboards are two 48 sheets side by side. If your message needs a big platform, JCDecaux has the largest range of 96 sheet locations all over Ireland for you to maximise the impact of your outdoor campaign.

Platinum Squares

JCDecaux’s Platinum Squares are a firm fixture on outdoor media plans. Similar to a 96 sheet, the Platinum Square is made up of two 48 sheets, one above the other. Creatively these formats have been used for some of the most eye-catching and award winning outdoor campaigns of recent years and are located in some of the most exclusive, high profile areas of Dublin city centre.

240 Sheet Billboards

240 sheet billboards are made up of five 48 sheet billboards in a row. They are the largest billboard format available in the market and have excellent creative potential, not to mention high impact and audience delivery for your campaign. JCDecaux have 240 sheets in two key locations in Dublin, Terenure Road and Ranelagh Road.


Located at bespoke locations in high profile areas across Ireland's main cities, Europanels deliver strong audience levels. JCDecaux has the highest market share of Europanels in Ireland.


JCDecaux's Première sites form a network of next generation, backlit, superior quality lightboxes. These unmissable formats are located in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Belfast and Derry on main urban arterial routes at handpicked locations with heavy traffic flow. They provide an exceptional canvas for outdoor campaigns.

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