Broad and Diverse

Out of Home audiences are wide-ranging and varied, taking habitual and repeated journeys. With growing urbanisation, more time spent Out of Home and commuter times on the increase, outdoor enables advertisers to reach a potential 93% of Irish consumers.

CSO 2017, TGI ROI 2017


There are 1.9 million commuters in Ireland. With regular touchpoints and more time to observe, Out of Home consistently connects with audiences on the move. 55% of the Out of Home audience have engaged with a brand after seeing an outdoor campaign with 35% having made a purchase.

CSO 2017, TGI ROI 2017

Powerful and Affluent

A valuable and powerful audience, 70% are the main household shopper and 45% are ABC1. Consumer spending is forecast to reach €103 billion in 2018, making Out of Home audiences an even more powerful asset when planning a media campaign.

Central Bank 2018, TGI ROI 2017

Connected on the Move

Out of Home is ideally positioned to encourage online activation and mobile search. With 40% of outdoor audiences online while on the move and 40% engaging with a brand via mobile in response to Out of Home, it is only natural that outdoor enables such high drive-to-mobile activity.

TGI ROI 2017