- What advertising formats do JCDecaux have for sale?

JCDecaux offer a variety of outdoor formats in Northern Ireland including roadside billboards and backlit Premières, sites in rail stations, bridges and digital retail screens in shopping centres. To view our full portfolio please refer to the Our products section of the website.

- Is there a minimum/maximum number of sites required when booking? Can I buy a single site?

There is no minimum requirement, every campaign is tailored to meet the client’s objectives.

- How long can I buy a site for?

Sites must be booked for a minimum of one cycle (two weeks). We sell some sites on a long term (t/c or 'till cancelled') basis. Digital retail formats can be booked for less than one cycle period if required.

- What is a cycle?

A cycle is 14 days. There are 26 cycles in the outdoor posting calendar.

- What should I consider when designing my poster?

Less is more. Find out our design tips.

- Can JCDecaux print my posters?

JCDecaux do not print posters, but we have good relationships with the main specialist outdoor printers and can liaise with them on your behalf.

- Can JCDecaux design my posters?

Yes we have an in-house team of graphic designers who will work with you to create the optimum design for your campaign if you don't have a design agency.

- Will my poster be up on the first day of the cycle that I have booked?

Not necessarily, it depends on the posting date of the site. A posting date is the set day within a cycle that is scheduled for the poster to go up on a particular site. Posting dates are staggered so billposter routes can be covered nationwide. We must allow 72 hours for posting but all adverts will receive full 14 days display. Please see our cycle calendar for more detail.

- What happens if my poster gets torn or damaged during the course of my campaign?

- JCDecaux aim to re-post damages within 24 hours (Belfast) and 48 hours (rest of Northern Ireland).

- How will I know my advertising campaign will be seen?

We can provide JNOR results for campaigns. JNOR stands for Joint National Outdoor Research and is the outdoor industry standard methodology for audience measurement.

- What are JCDecaux’s credit terms?

JCDecaux requires payment up front for the first three campaigns booked by new clients. Following that, credit may be given and invoices will be issued on a cyclical basis.