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Recent Census data reveals a continued trend in urbanisation and an increase in the number of people commuting

For the first time in 171 years Ireland's population exceeded five million. CSO census data reported there were 5.1 people in the State in April 2022, an 8% increase since April 2016. The data has also revealed a continued trend of urbanisation and a growing number of commuters in all the main cities and towns across Ireland.

Bigger population, bigger opportunity

Densely populated urban centers enable advertisers to maximize their exposure and capture the attention of a larger audience. According to the data, all major cities, such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick, continue to attract a significant portion of the population. On a national scale, one third of people were living in cities and suburbs in 2022. The remaining 40% of the population reside in one of the 862 towns outside the 5 main cities. The top five counties whose populations have risen since 1851 were Dublin (+260%) Kildare (+159%), Wicklow (+57%), Meath (+57%) and Louth (+30%) indicating a growing population in Dublin and its wider commuter belt.

Commuter habits

Outdoor advertising has a significant impact on commuters, as it engages with them during their daily journeys, influencing their perceptions, behaviours, and purchasing decisions. The census data gave further insight into commuting habits and how they have changed.

In 2022, a new question was asked on the census form about whether people ever worked from home. One third of workers, indicated that they worked from home for at least some part of their week. Although this number is substantial, commuter audiences have increased regardless. The number of people aged 15 or over who travel to their place of work, school or college has increased overall by 16% between 2016 and 2022. The number of drivers topped the list at 1.2 million; an increase of 4%. Walking increased by 2%, cycling by 7%. Students aged 19 or over taking public transport increased by 21%. The average time taken to travel to work increased slightly across most means of transport. In 2022, the average commuting time for those aged 15 or over who travel to their place of work was just over 29 minutes, an increase of 3% on 2016.

And the good news for OOH advertisers is that it looks like this trend is set to continue. As Ireland’s population continues to rise along with growing urbanisation and commuters, OOH is primed to capture audience’s attention, enhance the commuting experience, reaching people with the right messaging at the right time and place. JCDecaux's OOH network is strategically located in high-traffic areas, including transportation hubs, busy streets, and key commuting routes to ensure maximum visibility and providing an opportunity to reach more consumers than ever.

Source: CSO 2023


 A close up on…Luas

Dublin’s light rail transport network offers an incredible opportunity for brands to standout in the heart of the city, travelling through areas that are hard to reach using other traditional OOH formats. Whether targeting commuters on platforms at Luas stops and inside trams, or making a big splash with a full or partial tram wrap to all other road users and pedestrians, Luas campaigns are truly unmissable. Furthermore, audience numbers are back to high levels;  the latest figures show that 23 million people travelled on Luas in the first 6 months of this year. That audience is engaged with the messages that they see within the trams, on platforms and on-street and they are open to the creative potential of the format. 73% of Dubliners think Luas tram wraps brighten up the streetscape and 71% agree that tram wraps make Luas trams more entertaining to look at.

Source:  TII 2023, B&A 2022

Take a look at our showreel of exceptional Luas campaigns here… 


OOH Campaigns from around the world… 

Columbia – Corona
Bottled beer brand Corona is acting as a ray of light in renewable energy by promoting its transition to 100% solar power, in its breweries, from 2024 onwards in their recent campaign. Their latest activation highlights the power of sunshine, in visually striking images, nodding to the use of solar energy.  Each creative component is 100% shoot with sun light and the reflection on the bottle, centered on natural images to highlight the sun’s effect on the landscape, the water, the human body and the new brewing method of Corona. 

Alvaro De Luna, CMO AB Inbev Bavaria said: “For us, the fact that our local production will be made entirely of solar energy is an important announcement, and we want to expose it in the most accurate and beautiful way possible with these photographs.”

Further campaign information can be found here.

UK – Uber Eats
A new campaign from Uber Eats celebrates customers observing the month of Ramadan by showing that the delivery brand is ready for Iftar. 
Iftar is the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims, held every day during Ramadan at Sunset. In Uber Eat's latest campaign from Mother London, the food delivery service shows that it is ready to take orders to be delivered for when the fast is over. On top of the tasty images, the campaign reads ‘Iftar Incoming’ along with the time of the sunset for that day. The dynamic campaign capitalises on the fact that each Iftar begins at slightly different times depending on the date and location.

"Our new Ramadan campaign creative not only celebrates the amazing dishes that are at the heart of Iftar dinners but also reminds our Muslim customers with date and city-specific Iftar times, so they can schedule their deliveries for enjoying delicious Iftar meals.", explained Can Akar, Head of EMEA Marketing at Uber.

Further campaign information can be found here.

USA – Shake Shack
Shake Shack Sends New York City on a Virtual Truffle Hunt with Immersive OOH Campaign.
Shake Shack launched a virtual truffle hunt across 500 digital billboards in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, offering fans the chance to “dig” for prizes. Fans watched out for billboards located on tree-lined streets and were advised not be deterred from “hunting” in the rainy weather – as the prizes are closely tied to ideal real-life conditions for truffle hunting. The truffle hunt campaign lasted for one week.

Shake Shack worked with Talon and its digital creative production arm Grand Visual, on the campaign.

Jonathan Conway, chief operating officer, Talon, says: “Digital out of home is playing a pivotal role in spreading large-scale awareness and engagement with Shake Shack’s limited-run White Truffle menu items. In collaboration with the fast casual brand, and our creative agency Grand Visual, we have designed a unique real-world brand experience for New Yorkers that is also creating real business value for Shake Shack.”

Further campaign information can be found here.


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