Full and partial Luas tram wraps provide an excellent canvas for brands to make an impact on the streets of Dublin City. 2018 was the first full year to include the green line extension through the city centre to Broombridge, creating greater connectivity within the city through links to colleges, theatres, libraries, sports grounds, shopping areas and main transport hubs - ultimately resulting in even more meaningful connections for brands via Luas advertising opportunities. Passenger numbers on Luas increased by 11% to almost 42m in 2018.

So far in 2019 Luas has seen a year on year increase of 8% in passenger figures across both lines during the first 4 weeks of the year and brands are continuing to recognise the impact that full or partial Luas tram wraps can offer. 62% of people who have seen advertising on the outside of a Luas tram in the past week are ABC1. Most recently Diageo has been running a tram centre to capture the nation’s excitement around the Guinness 6 Nations championship, and Dominos wrapped a tram side with a satellite to promote their GPS tracking on deliveries. Keep an eye out for more exciting Luas tram wrap campaigns that will be arriving on-street over the coming weeks.
 The Dominos campaign was planned and booked by Kinetic and Minshare with creative by VCCP. The Guinness 6 Nations campaign was planned and booked by Source OOH and Carat with creative by BBDO.

Sources: TFI full year 2018, Tii preliminary figures 2019, ROI TGI 2018 

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