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After two years of cancelled parades, events and festivities, the annual St. Patrick’s Day festival kicked off once more across the country. The parade through Dublin City Centre drew large crowds and even the sun made an appearance.

Mobility in the Capital was at its highest yet as people were drawn to the centre for the festivities. According to DublinTown, 470,000 footfall movements were recorded, which would equate to about 215,000 people, in the city on St. Patrick’s Day; the biggest crowd for a St Patrick’s Day in five years. And footfall for that week reached 2.5 million, the highest of the year so far and an increase of 185% on the same week in 2021 when the festival was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. Luas passenger journeys almost tripled for the same period. Apple Maps mobility trends indicated that March 17th was the busiest day for mobility at transport hubs since the beginning of the pandemic at +386% above pre-Covid levels. With such impressive mobility trends, brands can leverage on the excitement of real-world events that people have missed so much and engage with high impact campaigns.

Out-of-Home advertising cannot be blocked, skipped or missed which, unlike other mediums, provides it with a unique ability to capture attention. During the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, brands capitalised on the power of OOH with audiences who were travelling to the city to enjoy the festivities, take advantage of the extra bank holiday and attend the Guinness 6 Nations Championship at the Aviva Stadium with eye-catching creatives.

Cadbury, Platinum Square
St. Patrick's Festival, Digipole

And many more festivals, concerts and events coming up this year are sure to draw a crowd to Dublin City, providing advertisers with a wealth of opportunity to create cut-through. With a strong presence in both Classic and Digital OOH formats at roadside, pedestrian, retail and transport environments across Dublin City, JCDecaux’s OOH network is primed to reach people with the right messaging at the right time and place.

Source: Apple, DublinTown, Irish Independent, TII

This month’s close up is on…LUAS

Luas is a multi-format media opportunity, unique to Dublin. An extremely efficient form of transport, the light rail network runs from Cherrywood to Broombridge on the green line, and Tallaght to The Point on the red line, crossing at O’Connell St / Abbey St in the city centre. There are a variety of formats that brands can use to capture the attention of Luas commuters inside and outside the trams and on the platforms at Luas stops and most recently all 41 trams on the green line were extended by 25%; meaning more advertising space and more potential for brands to reach a highly mobile, urban audience in Dublin.


A full Luas Tram Wrap covers the exterior surface of a tram and creates incredible impact and standout on the streets of Dublin, particularly in the city centre.

Avonmore, Tram Wrap


Partial tram wraps offer flexibility to advertisers and deliver large scale visibility among Luas commuters, motorists and pedestrians.

Virgin Media, Tram Side


Backlit units with a bespoke design for the Luas network that offer brands a highly visible on-platform presence. There are a maximum of 2 Columns at any station and most have the option of being used for innovative column wraps and special builds.

Guinness 0.0, Luas Column


A unique opportunity for one brand to take over the interior of an entire tram. Along with regular formats (portrait panels and straplines) there is potential for window strips, contravision and the hugely impactful skyline.

Deliveroo, Tram Domination


A landscape format positioned along the length of the trams above head height for maximum visibility.

L'Occitane en Provence, Strapline


Poster displays situated throughout the tram at seated eye level.

Regatta, Portrait Panel


The eye-catching Lightbox in Balally Luas stop is ideally placed to capture audiences in one of the busiest retail and entertainment environments on the green line.

Boohoo, Luas Lightbox


A shelter wrap is available at Harcourt Luas stop, a high profile city centre location with fantastic roadside visibility.

EY Ireland, Luas Shelter Wrap


OOH Campaigns from around the world…


On 21 February, 2022, Australian telco company Circles.Life unveiled Australia’s first 3D billboard in Melbourne. The campaign is using the larger than life platform to amplify personal messages around the clock for the final week of February. Using the new technology, the billboard includes well known and lesser known faces to distribute passionate messages to the public, down below.  Further information, can be found here.


This campaign for SEAQUAL INITIATIVE consisted of 100% recycled material. As part of the initiative, plastic marine litter was collected from the ocean and coastlines and processed into certified yarn.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean our oceans. Marine litter from our beaches, ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, is collected by clean-up programs. It is then sorted into different material types and the plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into a reusable product.

Yesterday marine litter….today giant posters!

Further information, can be found here.


To coincide with the highly anticipated upcoming release of The Batman Movie, Nissan UK leveraged the vast potential of large format OOH canvases, to promote their promotional partnership with Warner Bros. The partnership supports the cinematic debut of the all-new film; The Batman, in addition to putting their new limited edition Nissan Juke Kiiro, firmly in the spotlight. 

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