JCDecaux Ireland’s Out of Home Newsletter - October 2023

Northern Ireland Focus:
Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas: a time to harness the power of OOH

Harvey Norman, Digi48

As the autumn leaves fall and a chill in the air signals the approach of Halloween and Christmas, businesses throughout Northern Ireland are gearing up for the busy shopping season. Recent findings from Kantar's TGI reveal an increase in Out-of-Home (OOH) awareness, emphasising that now is the ideal opportunity to engage shoppers who are primed for making purchases during the festive period.

OOH consumption on the rise

Lunn's, Premiere

According to the most recent survey results, awareness of OOH advertising formats is on the rise, with a notable increase of 4% over the past year. This translates to a little over one million adults in Northern Ireland who have seen OOH advertising within the last week, indicating an audience primed for engagement. 66% of OOH audiences engage with brands after seeing an OOH ad, rising to 85% for 18 to 24-year-olds. 29% of NI OOH audiences have purchased a product after seeing it advertised on OOH with the 35 to 44-year-old age group showing a particularly high conversion rate at 51%.

Key retail dates in Q4 provide excellent opportunities for advertisers to leverage OOH

On average, OOH audiences in Northern Ireland invested £113 per capita in Halloween festivities last year, 6% more than the general population. Among 18-34-year-olds, this figure increased to £152.

And the trend is more pronounced as we head towards Christmas.  Black Friday which occurs in the last weekend of November has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the shopping calendar, where OOH audiences spent an average of £197, and 34% of ABC1s reported engaging in shopping activities during that weekend. And when it comes to  the Christmas period, which ranks as the year's chief retail event, NI OOH audiences spent an average of £394. Notably, the 35 to 44-year-old age group spent 8% more, while ABC1s contributed a 6% higher expenditure.

DOOH advertising can reach shoppers with contextually relevant messaging, ensuring it engages them at the ideal time and place

Frasers, Digital Retail

OOH formats have a distinct advantage during these hectic shopping periods, —they cannot be blocked, skipped, or overlooked, setting OOH apart from other mediums and giving it an exceptional ability to capture attention.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising affords clients the flexibility to target audiences precisely when they are most receptive, delivering contextually relevant messages at the opportune moment. This becomes particularly important during busy shopping periods when timely and location-specific messaging can exert the most significant influence. According to TGI, consumers who see DOOH in shopping centres on a weekly basis are 2.2 times more likely of making an immediate purchase compared to the average adult. JCDecaux's digital inventory in Northern offers advertisers access to premium screens capable of showcasing contextually tailored campaigns at the right moment. These screens are strategically positioned across retail, roadside, and rail environments, providing a versatile platform to effectively reach and engage target audiences.

Source: Kantar 2023


This time of year, as the evenings draw in, illumination on Out of Home can increase the visibility and impact of campaigns. With just a few weeks before the clocks go back an hour, we can already see daylight affected during peak commuter times. JCDecaux provides brands with the opportunity to light up their OOH campaigns and reach audiences across a wide variety of environments.

Innovative use of lighting is an excellent way to capture attention, turn heads and create brand fame during the winter months. Over the years there have been some iconic OOH lighting specials;  using illumination is an outstanding way to amplify a campaign and create talkability. Tying in with peak shopping opportunities, brands have used lighting in spookily effective ways during Halloween and festive campaigns get an extra twinkle in the run up to December.

JCDecaux’s Digital OOH Roadside Network of Digipoles, Digipanels and Digishelters in Dublin City, along with Digi48s in Loughlinstown, Belfast and Derry also provide unbeatable image quality and standout at this time of year, capturing the attention of pedestrians, shoppers, commuters and vehicular traffic during the darker months and offering incredible flexibility and potential for dynamic, time-sensitive and relevant content.

Now is the time to shine a light on your Out of Home campaigns!


Australia – Universal Pictures (Barbie)
JCDecaux and Universal Pictures Australia paint the town pink for Barbie!

JCDecaux Australia painted the nation pink, ahead of the much anticipated launch of the new Barbie movie, in collaboration with Universal Pictures Australia (on behalf of Warner Bros.) and EssenceMediacom.  A carefully curated portfolio of engaging and impactful outdoor formats were selected to transform the nation into a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of Barbie.


Max Eburne, chief commercial officer, JCDecaux, said: “The new Barbie film promises to be a must-seen moment of pop culture. The national JCDecaux out of home campaign will captivate audiences of all ages, transporting them to a world of laughter, fashion and imagination by showcasing the joy and excitement that Barbie brings to the big screen,”.

Universal Pictures Australia’s marketing director, Suzanne Stretton-Brown, said the campaign plays an integral part in the movie’s marketing strategy. “Our ambition was to disrupt the Australian winter by spreading Barbie summer joy and painting the town pink, the film is a visual feast, and out of home is the perfect channel for replicating the visual spectacle and engaging core audiences.”

Further campaign information can be found here.

Brazil – Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola activation lets a real, cold beverage, come out of a 3D billboard!

This is Real Magic. An ice-cold Coca-Cola, straight from a digital panel, is passed into the hands of those passing through Terminal 3 at Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo. As part of its “Real Magic” campaign, the brand initiated an unprecedented activation, debuting on the recently launched “3D Deep Iconic”, created exclusively for running campaigns in three dimensions.

The “U”-shaped equipment with an infinite border, which helps in the virtual extension and explores the exit and interaction with objects, is 13 meters wide at the front, six meters wide on each side, and three meters long. The four high-quality LED screens elevate the viewing perspective and give an angle to the 3D perspective at various points in the lobby.

“This puts into practice the power of DOOH to impact and create unique experiences of immersion and interaction for the entire audience, bringing more relevance to out-of-home in communication strategies”, said João Binda, Sales Director of JCDecaux Brazil.

Further campaign information can be found here.

UK – Butterkist
Butterkist brings giant microwaves to billboards across the UK!

The latest campaign from the popcorn brand is enjoyably, simple and aims to transfix viewers with the vision of a microwave slowly cooking the snack. The giant packs of Butterkist appeared on digital billboards across the UK, complete with full audio, including the familiar microwave ‘ping’ to signal that the snack is ready.

The ads also subtly remind audiences of popcorn’s status as the snack to be consumed when you’re watching TV via four buttons on the side of the machine set to ‘reheated debates’, ‘steamy dramas’, ‘grilled celebs’, and ‘comedy roasts’.

Further campaign information can be found here.

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