Luas is set to carry 50m passengers for the first time this year.

Over 22 million passengers have travelled on Luas to date this year, an 11% increase on 2023 and a 13% increase on the same period in 2019, pre covid travel restrictions.  

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are expecting that the service will carry 50 million passengers this year for the first time in its history as the light rail network celebrates its 20th anniversary. 

In this new world of hybrid working, commuters still rely on Luas as a dependable way of travelling to their office. In fact, 46% of people use Luas 5 days or more per week, predominantly for getting to and from work or college (2 out of 3 users).

Moreover, Luas passengers are happy with their mode of transport. In a survey conducted by IPSOS/B&A and Transdev last year, results showed that 76% of people are satisfied with Luas tram service, with satisfaction levels rising during morning hours. 81% of people agree that Luas stops are usually clean and have good service information and 79% of passengers are satisfied with the ease of boarding, smoothness of journey, information on the network and visibility of tram destinations while travelling on Luas trams.

For brands looking to connect with audiences on the move, Luas offers a multi-format opportunity. Tram Dominations, Straplines and Portrait Panels within the trams and Luas Columns on the platforms offer a unique opportunity to reach a captive audience. Full and partial exterior Tram Wraps deliver an unmissable on-street presence for both Luas commuters, pedestrians and vehicular audiences.  Luas advertising makes a big impression on consumers; 62% of people who have seen an ad at a Luas stop or tram will research that product on their phone.  They are 72% more likely to make an online purchase and 87% more likely to purchase a product in-store in-store after seeing a campaign on Luas.

With more than 650 million passengers travelling on Luas since the launch of the Green line in June 2004, Luas continues to deliver significant opportunities to reach responsive audiences across Dublin.

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