Numbers on Luas increased by 11% to almost 42 million in 2018. The Green Line extension to Broombridge which opened in December 2017 was among the factors contributing to the positive year, along with the seven longer trams that were brought into operation.

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority said: “These numbers are very positive and are a testament to the range and quality of services provided by our public transport operators. It is clear that when there is a reliable, high quality, value-for-money public transport offering that customers will respond positively to it. But none of us can rest on our laurels, and the priority now must be to deliver on those improvements in our public transport infrastructure that are provided for under the National Development Plan announced last year.”

Luas passenger numbers have increased every year since first recorded in 2010, apart from a slight dip in 2016. Work on extending the current Luas trams to 55 metres will continue this year.

The extension of the green line created greater connectivity in the city during 2018 - providing links to colleges, theatres, libraries, sports grounds, shopping areas and main transport hubs. This resulted in even more meaningful connections for brands via Luas advertising opportunities: fully and partially wrapped trams are now a familiar sight in Dublin city, along with interior tram dominations, straplines and portrait panels and on-platform Luas columns.
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