Over the past two years JCDecaux have been investing heavily in Digital Roadside formats.  Our roadside screens give clients the opportunity to maximise campaign impact and engagement levels through the ability to change messaging in real time, as often as required over a campaign booking period. This flexibility allows brands to communicate with their audience in a more contextualised and relevant way, as well as displaying their content in superb picture quality.

The new Digipole units join the iconic Ballsbridge Digipole at the American Embassy. This  was the first large format roadside digital screen in Dublin and remains a flagship site for any Digital Out of Home campaign. The introduction of the Swords Road and Amiens Street units further enhances client opportunities on this premium roadside format.
JCDecaux’s Digital Roadside network in Dublin also comprises 54 Digipanel screens and 60 Digishelter screens, with both formats delivering unrivalled stand out via 86”, 4K ultra HD screens in high traffic locations around the city.
Research shows that 67% of Irish consumers who have seen Digital Out of Home advertising in the past week have engaged with a brand and 37% made a purchase. 44% of this audience go online while on the move, and 64% are main shoppers. (Source: Kantar 2019). 

For more information on please contact sales@jcdecaux.ie