Over the last number of years JCDecaux have been making a significant investment in our Out of Home product portfolio. 2019 looks like it’s shaping up to be a big year for Digital Out of Home in Ireland and we are excited to announce the introduction of Digipanels; Dublin’s first on-street digital network.
 Digipanels will replace Metropanels in Dublin city centre. These currently capture significant audience, as verified by their outstanding JNOR scores, and are in high visibility retail locations such as Mary Street, Henry Street, South King Street and Suffolk Street. As well as areas of heavy, slow moving traffic such as Aungier Street, Baggot Street and Camden Street.

Ads will be delivered in real time across forty-three 86” LCD digital screens (the largest of its type in the market), giving on-street scale, both in terms of the screen size and a very significant audience in Dublin city centre, that has not previously been available via DOOH.

As well as allowing for more flexibility in buying periods - days, dayparts, weekends, 1-week cycles or traditional 2-week cycles are all available - Digipanels will give advertisers the opportunity to change copy over the course of their campaign, allowing them to build a relevant, contextualised dialogue and engage with an audience who are now more mobile than ever.

Digipanels are available from 28th January (cycle 3) 2019.