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Some recent eye-catching campaigns looking OOH so great…

 A look at recent OOH activity including trends on OOH formats, product categories and/or new product launches…

Luas bounces back

Despite a challenging start to the year, 2022 saw Out-of-Home bounce back and engage with audiences more than ever. Brands took on a renewed energy and utilised the power and impact of Out-of-Home through highly effective Classic OOH formats, via flexible digital OOH opportunities and iconic OOH, like Luas Tram Wraps. A Full  Tram Wrap creates incredible impact and standout on the streets of Dublin, particularly in the city centre, giving advertisers a unique opportunity to showcase brands and launch new products. Partial Tram Wraps offer flexibility to advertisers and deliver large scale visibility and stand out amongst the busy streets in the city. This year, brands capitalised on the power of Luas Wraps across a range of categories with retail and entertainment among the most popular.

Luas Tram Wrap, Sky

Luas passenger numbers have also bounced back. The latest figures show that journey numbers are on a par with 2019 with November at 99% of 2019 figures. But it’s not only Luas commuters who see Luas Tram Wrap advertising, they are also highly visible to roadside audiences. According to Kantar Media’s TGI, 68% of those who see Luas tram wrap advertising are car commuters, 77% travel by foot during a typical week.

Luas Partial Tram Wrap, Diageo

Research conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes in December show that recent Tram Wrap campaigns generated 41% awareness amongst Dubliners rising to 49% for 25 to 34 year olds. In addition, 60% of Dubliners thought the campaigns were a highly effective means of advertising. Attitudes to Luas advertising were particularly impressive with 73% of Dubliners agreeing that Luas Tram Wraps brighten up the streetscape and 71% stating they make Luas trams more entertaining to look at.

Luas is a multi-format media opportunity, unique to Dublin and is ideal for brand-building, raising awareness and driving consumers online. Furthermore, Luas audiences are more engaged than ever with OOH. Kantar Media’s TGI survey reports that brand engagement in response to OOH advertising has increased by 21% among Luas audiences since 2019. Engagement via mobile has increased by 36%.

OOH advertising connects brands with people on the move no matter how they travel, and with audiences more engaged than ever there has never been a better time to reach highly mobile, urban audiences in Dublin.

Source: TII 2022, B&A 2022, Kantar TGI 2022

A close up on…Seasonal Campaigns

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and shoppers are out in force, making it an ideal time to reach and engage with consumers in a buying frame of mind.  Out of home is a trusted medium for brands and provides multiple opportunities to engage with consumers across a variety of formats in retail, roadside and transport environments.   OOH allows advertisers run targeted campaigns to drive sales at nearby points of purchase. Iconic brands can stand out on impactful large format roadside and digital sites to spread messages of joy, happiness and the magic of Christmas. Take a look at some of the festive campaigns that have been on display across our portfolio of classic and digital out of home in Dublin and Belfast…

OOH Campaigns from around the world…

South Africa – 3D DOOH Anamorphic Experience

Taking Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaigns to a whole new level, JCDecaux South Africa has launched a 3D anamorphic experience for brands and advertisers, activating its 4x8 metre P4 with Deep Motion Digital screen in Sandton City Shopping Centre, Johannesburg.

Advancements in technology have led to the technique known as “anamorphosis” or “forced perspective”, that when played through the company’s Deep Motion Digital 3D display it creates the illusion of having 3D depth when viewed from certain angles.

Lélanie Butler, Innovation and Projects director, JCDecaux South Africa says: “We are excited about the new creative opportunities our 3D Deep Motion Digital Anamorphic Display offers brands and advertisers to push the creative boundaries to connect with consumers. As we roll out additional indoor and roadside 3D displays, we seek dynamic ways to positively impact campaign outcomes through immersive visual experiences.”

USA – Burberry

Burberry took over Chateau Marmont in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles to host the launch of the Riccardo Tisci designed ‘Lola’ bag.

It was a hugely impactful OOH display, which used large format projectors to display Burberry’s iconic pattern all over the exterior walls of the hotel.

UK – Missing People

Live Missing People billboards use moving images to make them more memorable.

To give these campaigns more impact, Engine Creative has unveiled a series of striking, high-tech billboards that feature “live” images of missing people in order to drive an instant connection with passers-by.

The posters for UK nonprofit Missing People, feature photography enhanced and animated by AI and machine learning. Members of the public walking past these special billboards will see images of the people that appear to move their eyes and smile as they pass by.

The bright pink posters feature a QR code which allows people to share them on social channels to further spread the message. The new formats also include less information—which researchers suggest can allow passersby to process the message more easily.

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