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Bus Shelter advertising proves key to B&A's Acumen Panel Out of Home campaign awareness

Bus Shelter advertising connects brands with people on the move no matter how they travel and has proven to be a highly effective communication medium. Whether a campaign requires a high coverage, high frequency national spread or a more targeted approach, Bus Shelters are ideal for building brand awareness and impact.

Earlier this year we partnered with Behaviour and Attitudes as part of an ongoing piece of research where we studied a campaign advertising B&A’s consumer panel ‘Acumen’ to measure the effectiveness of OOH advertising and its ability to drive new recruits online to register for the panel. The campaigns have proved a success in the past with 2018 being the first time we had the chance to see how Bus Shelter advertising affected the results.

The 2018 campaign delivered in spades resulting in the most recalled and most frequently seen of any campaign. It also delivered the highest ever levels of new visits to with a 542% uplift in new recruits during the campaign. Bus Shelters delivered impressive results with 56% of respondents recalling the campaign from a Bus Shelter ad.

And awareness of Acumen Panel has grown since then with 2022’s campaign awareness growing by 53% compared to 2018. Bus Shelter advertising, again, showed impressive results with 52% of the sample remembering the ad from a Bus Shelter. Over half of the respondents also claimed to have the opportunity to see the campaign on a Bus Shelter at least once a day. Those surveyed tended to be younger, more affluent, and Dublin based. Of those recruited, over a third claimed they heard about Acumen Panel from a Bus Shelter ad.

A clear, well-designed poster is key to delivering impacts and the campaign seemed to have a positive association between poster design and ad recall. When all respondents were asked why they noticed the campaign, clear trends arose with top reasons mentioned including the campaign was bright and colourful, impossible to miss and makes you want to find out more about Acumen Panel.

With OOH audiences on the rise, Bus Shelter advertising is an excellent starting point for any OOH campaign and provides a fantastic platform for creativity and innovation
Source: B&A 2022

Close up on…The Creative Potential of Out of Home

Out of Home is a multi-format medium that provides the perfect blank canvas for creativity. Context, environment - roadside, retail, transport - size and layout of the format should all be taken into account when designing an OOH campaign. Many of the rules that apply for a traditional 48 sheet billboard are also relevant for dynamic digital Out of Home and the campaigns that create the most impact and will stand the test of time almost always follow the same principles…  

Best practice creative guidelines

  • Stick to one concise message or idea
  • Keep it simple and use short copy
  • Put a premium on words: less is more
  • Use a large, legible typeface
  • Highly visual logos and images work best
  • Landscape creative is read from left to right in a ‘z’ pattern
  • Portrait creative is read from top to bottom
  • Always consider viewing distances from the format you will be displayed on
  • Primary and bright colours work best
  • ACA: Attract, Communicate, Associate
  • Where possible, use distinctive assets to communicate a creative bridge

Source: JCDecaux OneWorld

 Not forgetting the potential for innovation! Whether it’s a special build, additional lighting effects or interactive capabilities, specials can really boost the creative impact of a campaign...

OOH Campaigns from around the world…

UK – Corona 
Sun rays revealed a secret message on Corona billboards! This unique out-of-home special build came to life at golden hour, when light from the setting sun hit the foliage-adorned billboard, creating shadows that revealed a surprise message to passers-by.

Further campaign information, can be found here

USA – Twitter
Twitter Became Harry’s House to mark Styles’ Album Release. Murals featuring tweets about the artist sprang up in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. 
The social network highlighted fan tweets about Styles on street murals both in Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California. These OOH displays were visible for two weeks.

Further campaign information, can be found here

UK – Sky Broadband 
Sky in the UK deployed Minions to demonstrate the speed of its Broadband Ultrafast Plus, with the yellow animated creatures appearing to infiltrate out-of-home ads across the country. 
The campaign featured specially-built OOH displays playfully highlighting the sheer speed and force of Sky’s new broadband offering.

Further campaign information, can be found here

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