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Mass Reach

2.4 million Irish consumers have seen outdoor advertising in the past week. Outdoor advertising reaches consumers as they go about their day, whether working, shopping or socialising.




Brand Builder

Outdoor advertising builds frequency over a two week cycle which means an outdoor campaign will be seen multiple times by consumers, adding to its brand building ability. This is why outdoor advertising works for both big brands and local business time and time again.


Always On

Consistent exposure - 24/7 and unlike other media, it cannot be switched off.



An outdoor campaign can deliver nationwide coverage or can be tailored for specific audiences at certain times of the day in targeted geographic locations.


High Impact

Outdoor provides the ultimate blank canvas when it comes to creativity and innovation. There are so many opportunities for add-ons and different effects to amplify your message, create an impact and achieve cut-through for your campaign.



JCDecaux, in conjunction with the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) and outdoor specialists, have worked to create JNOR - (Joint National Outdoor Research), the only independent, official measurement of outdoor audiences in the Irish market.


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