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Digipanels are Dublin’s first on-street digital network and have replaced Metropanels in Dublin city centre. These locations have always captured significant audience and are in high visibility retail areas such as Mary Street, Henry Street, South King Street and Suffolk Street along with areas of heavy, slow moving traffic such as Aungier Street, Baggot Street and Camden Street. Campaigns will be displayed across forty-three 86” 4K LCD digital screens (the largest of its type in the market), giving on-street scale, both in terms of the screen size and a very significant audience in Dublin city centre, that has not previously been available via DOOH.

The Digipole

Launched in Autumn 2017, the Digipole is the Republic of Ireland's first roadside, large format digital screen.  Located adjacent to the American Embassy in Ballsbridge, this iconic site captures traffic coming in and out of town. Campaign creative on the Digipole can change in real time, multiple times per day / per cycle. Day-part options are also available. 




Digishelter locations have been selected to be on the busiest commuter routes in Dublin, providing unrivalled opportunities to reach large audiences with their outstanding 86-inch, 4K Ultra HD screens.  Digishelters offer advertisers can have a presence in highly sought-after areas in the capital such as Amiens Street, Baggot Street, Leeson Street, Merrion Road and Morehampton Road.  Campaign impact and engagement levels can be maximised with the ability to change messaging in real time, on multiple occasions over flexible booking periods, enabling communication with audiences in a more contextualised and relevant way.


Digital Retail

JCDecaux's digital retail network is now present in 17 of the busiest shopping centres in the Republic of Ireland and reaches a potential 3.5 million consumers per cycle. With a 70” screen, JCDecaux’s iVision unit has a modern, contemporary design and produces superb picture quality.