Augmented reality, QR, social media (Snapchat)

McDonald’s, in collaboration with JCDecaux, launched an exciting campaign on the streets of Chicago, New York and Boston in late April/early May to promote the movie release of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and drive consumers to their restaurants. Passers-by could scan a Snapchat QR code featured on the posters to trigger an augmented reality experience through their phone. The campaign excited commuters for the release of Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ - now the biggest global opening in film history - and reinforced the wider association between McDonald’s and Avengers.

Special Build
To promote the release of the ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie, Warner Brothers and JCDecaux partnered on a fun campaign deployed across the UK’s busiest malls during school Easter holidays in April. Digital units were wrapped in a bespoke fully yellow special build to turn them into giant Pikachu models. Shoppers were encouraged to stand in front of the panel on a vinyl floor graphic to view the movie trailer.


Station Domination with Showcase Special Builds

Personal care brand Veet partnered with JCDecaux on an innovative campaign in South Shaanxi Road Station in Shanghai during the month of April.  The busy station, which is an interchange between 3 metro lines, was transformed by a station domination using classic ooh formats, digital screens and bespoke special builds. 4 everyday scenarios were created within the station - a bathroom, a beach, a café and a metro. Custom wrapped pink columns displayed pictures from the ‘naked skin art gallery’, an exhibit of 16 photographs showing the life of modern women and digital screens directed commuters to the brand’s website.

Interactive Digital Out of Home

JCDecaux partnered with Australian Channel 10 to promote the tv series Dancing with the Stars using interactive Digital Out of Home in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney during the month of February. Passers-by were invited to push a button on-screen to follow a step by step video tutorial of a cha-cha routine, using floor graphics to help with their footwork. They then received a rating at the end of their performance. Over a thousand interactions were recorded across all three locations.

Station Domination and Experiential Zone

Gillette and JCDecaux partnered to create a unique campaign for Gillette last January. Unmissable station dominations were created within London Waterloo and London Liverpool Street using classic and digital out of home sites. An experiential pop-up barber shop was then temporarily installed in both stations to give commuters first-hand experience of the brand and introduce them to new products within Gillette range.

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