Survey finds large proportion of hard-to-reach smartphone users shop via mobile

Fri 27th October 2017


A large proportion of Irish consumers are now shopping via their mobile phones, recently published research has found. The survey, of 1,000 smartphone users throughout the Republic of Ireland, was published by Amárach Research on behalf of mobile phone provider Three Ireland. The research shows that 76% of smartphone users shop online once a month using their mobile with one in every two respondents shopping two to four times a month.

The report emphasises the power of ‘always on’ shopping with 22% of 25 to 34 year olds spending between €100 and €500 per month. In light of this, mobile e-commerce provides huge scope for businesses to increase sales and brand engagement.

Smartphone users who shop online via mobile can often be hard to reach. Only 20% find online pop-up ads useful. 45% are light TV viewers and 38% buy newspapers just once a week or less. One of the most effective ways to drive consumers online is through out of home advertising. Recent figures published by Kantar Media finds that 61% of Irish mobile users who shop via their mobile go online while on the go. 79% have seen outdoor advertising in the past week.

With 71% of consumers spending some of their day out of home, outdoor will continue to evolve as a strong medium that is consumed while on the move, enabling brands to contextually engage with connected audiences in a meaningful way and ultimately help drive sales via mobile.

Source: Kantar Media TGI, 2016; Amárach Research, 2017; CSO 2017


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