Luas energized by Lucozade Zero Original

Wed 19th April 2017

Lucozade have launched their new Lucozade Zero Original brand with a vibrant, multi-format outdoor campaign. Samples of the reduced sugar drinks were offered to Luas commuters across various stops along both the red and green lines last week. In addition, the Connolly and Balally Luas stops also featured a Virtual Reality game where members of the public could enjoy an exhilarating one minute experience from a selection of extreme sports.

The campaign ran on JCDecaux Bus Shelters, Metropanels, Metropoles, 48 sheets and Platinum Squares, along with a variety of Luas formats. The main focal point of the Luas campaign was an internal Luas tram domination on both the red and green lines. 


The campaign was booked with JCDecaux by media agency Mindshare, outdoor specialist Kinetic and promotional product distribution was by Mixtape Marketing.



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