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Mon 9th October 2017

Digital technologies have transformed the world we live in at a very rapid pace. Within this space, digital outdoor advertising offers clients opportunities to deliver dynamic, real time advertising in ways that were not possible before. Digital outdoor formats such as JCDecaux’s iVisions and the brand new Digipole at Ballsbridge give advertisers the ability to automatically change their ad copy regularly during any advertising cycle. As the following examples show, this enables delivery of relevant and current messages, allowing clients maximum potential for engagement with the desired target audience…


Out of Home Media Specialist Kinetic were one of the first to run a dynamic campaign on the newly launched Digipole, Ireland’s only large digital roadside screen, in cycle 19. The 9M² double-sided unit is located in the heart of Dublin 4, with both an inbound and outbound facing screen for maximum impact. Kinetic used this exciting new format to its full advantage with over 100 different copy changes over the course of the cycle. The messages changed every few hours each day with everything from morning greetings to evening goodbyes and acknowledged participants at events in the area such as the RDS Higher Options. The campaign also included information about the new format and a call to action for commuters to visit Kinetic’s website to learn more about the campaign.


Culture Night

Using the real-time capabilities of the Digipole, Dublin City Council ran a daily countdown to Culture Night on Fri 22nd September. This proved to be a simple yet very effective way to build excitement for the event, keeping the message consistent but relevant.

Irish Daily Mail

The campaign for the newspaper brand Irish Daily Mail perfectly showcased the flexibility of the Digipole format. Every morning for the duration of cycle 19, the ad-copy was  with the newspapers’ headline for that day between midnight and noon.   The campaign kicked off on day one with the announcement of Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan’s resignation, a headline that was served up to thousands of early morning commuters as they made their way in to work.



In the run up to National Eye Health Week, to promote the importance of regular sight tests for maintaining eye health, Specsavers harnessed the dynamic capabilities of digital iVision units in Victoria Square, Belfast to display multiple awareness messages during cycle 19. Their “more important than” campaign played on small, everyday things such as “more important than this poster” to emphasise that eye tests really matter. Continuously changing messages relevant to topical issues of the day were displayed over the course of the campaign, which was backed up by research from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Specsavers which showed that 50% of all sight loss is preventable.

The Specsavers campaign was booked through Poster Plan on behalf of Talon Outdoor and media agency, Manning Gottlieb OMD.  Grand Visual produced and managed the digital content.



For more information on Digital Out of Home capabilities please contact sales@jcdecaux.ie / salesni@jcdecaux.ie

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